About Us


The Gamble Rogers Folk Festival is dedicated to commemorating the life and music

of Gamble Rogers, whose passion for balladry, storytelling,

and the oral tradition have shaped American folk music.

Its mission is to keep the folk music tradition alive for future generations.

The Gamble Rogers Folk Festival gives back to music programs at area schools

and holds a youth music contest at the festival each year.

Who was Gamble Rogers?  

James Gamble Rogers IV was born in 1937, the son and grandson of prominent architects in Florida, but he chose to be a musician instead. He blended music with dialogue and storytelling to captivate any audience he came before.


Gamble inspired many artists, including Jimmy Buffet, to expand their capacity for storytelling and their musical talent will follow. Gamble first gained national attention as a lead singer and guitarist, both acoustic and electric, for the band the Serendipity Singers.

He introduced and verbally set the stage for their songs when they appeared on television shows such as The Tonight Show, Hootenanny, and The Ed Sullivan Show. Gamble soon moved to a solo career where he earned national acclaim, appearing on talk shows across the country, hosting numerous music specials, and continuing to play his whimsical, spellbinding music. At the age of 54, Gamble passed away trying to save a drowning man at Flagler Beach in Florida. He is remembered today through the Gamble Rogers Memorial Foundation and the Gamble Rogers Folk Fest.

Meet The Team


Lolly Rogers — President

Jim Carrick — Co-Vice President  

Lis Williamson — Co-Vice President  

Harvey Lopez — Co-Treasurer  

Susan Brown  — Co-Treasurer  

John Dickie — Secretary  

Chris Crosby — Assistant Secretary and Grants Coordinator

Don Cooper — Board Member

Pamela Fausset — Board member, Merchandise Coordinator, Education Outreach

Taylor Fausset —  Board member

Robert Ganley  — Board member

Robert D. Patterson — Board Member, Past President, Founding Member

Steve Lowe — Board Member, Past Vice President

Marianne Lerbs — Board Member

Aslyn Baringer McTaggart — Board Member

John Winters — Board Member

Richard Hilsenbeck — Board Member

Renee Unsworth — Board Member, Marketing & Promotions

Lynne Pouliot — Volunteer Coordinator